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In the southwestern region, the Phoenix metro area’s reputation as a center of culture and commerce is well-deserved. Not only does the metro area contain some of the region’s most important commercial entities and cultural attractions, but also numerous suburban cities with their own fair share of both.

Goodyear, AZ is one such city, located on the western part of the Valley of the Sun. Among the West Valley cities in the Phoenix metro area, homebuyers look at few properties so favorably as the homes for sale in Goodyear, AZ.

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Goodyear’s homes offer homebuyers access to an engaging and welcoming city that is suffused with natural beauty, culture, and wonderful neighborhoods. Much of the cultural and residential heritage in Goodyear ties into its historical origins.

The city began in the early 1900s as a collection of homes for agrarian workers employed in the cotton fields of the Goodyear Rubber and Tire Company. The ideal location and natural beauty of the area caused settlement to rapidly expand and by the second half of the century, the company found selling its land to commercial and residential interests more profitable than farming.

In the time since the incorporation of the city of Goodyear, the community has risen to prominence in the West Valley, even earning the coveted All-America City designation from the National Civic League.

Homes themselves in the city of Goodyear come in a variety of styles and sizes. The city is defined by its master-planned communities, particularly in the regions of the newest construction to the west.

Closer in to Phoenix, neighborhoods are more established and densely settled, while further to the west, new communities and new homes dominate. These newer communities are often interspersed with agricultural fields, lending an additional scenic quality to the neighborhoods.

No matter the specific location, homes in master-planned communities tend to offer excellent amenities. These include community pools, greenbelts, parks and playgrounds, outdoor sports facilities, and in some of the larger communities, golf courses.

One of the best aspects of buying a home in Goodyear is the city’s overall affordability. Few regions of the Phoenix metro area offer so much value for the investment. In Goodyear, a four bedroom home in a new master-planned community that is filled with amenities is likely to be listed in the $200k range.

Many homes are listed at even lower price points, particularly three-bedroom, single story properties. These often list in the mid-$100k range.

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Homebuyers who invest in the Goodyear, AZ houses for sale find that their new homes give access to a terrific wealth of things to experience and see. Beyond the amenities offered by the master-planned communities, the city offers a number of natural and cultural attractions.

Just to the south, the mountains of the Estrella Mountain range rise along the horizon. Here, and in the Buckeye Hills to the west, residents enjoy opportunities to sightsee, hike, mountain bike and so on.

Golf is another popular outdoor activity in the city, particularly in the communities that include courses within their borders. Examples of the most popular courses include Palm Valley Golf Club, Eagle’s Nest Golf Club, Tuscan Falls Golf Club, Coldwater Golf Club, or the Wigwam Country Club.

Residents of Goodyear also enjoy plenty of cultural attractions. Within the city itself, the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium and the Tres Rios Wetlands are popular destinations. The West Valley Arts Council provides arts exhibits and activities in various locations throughout the year.

Those who desire more cultural attractions often take the short drive east along Interstate 10 to Phoenix, where residents have access to destinations such as the Phoenix Zoo, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, the Arizona Science Center, the Phoenix Art Museum and the Heard Museum.

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